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Tiye offers a lot of options for your organization to meet your diversity and inclusion needs. Below is a quick reference guide to the offerings you can choose from.  Please contact for more information.


Exploring Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Starting at $2,500

A full day workshop that focuses on basic diversity and inclusion education. This seminar is designed to be flexible as a general training session for organization stakeholders or can be taught as a 'train the trainer' program. 


The Intercultural Communication Pillars of Curiosity, Humility, and Empathy

Starting at $1,500

This one hour keynote uses the power of personal storytelling to take a deep dive into curiosity, humility, and empathy.  Learners will get a full understanding of these communication pillars and how they can be used in real time to handle difficult difference. A recording for internal use is included.

Building Anti-Racist Organizations a DIY Guide

Starting at $1500/group of 5

This self-paced DIY guide gives you all of the tools you'll need to do the work of anti-racism at your organization. Designed in partnership with former CEO Kristine Sloan, we review the basics of diversity, the tenants of white supremacy, and provide tools to do the work of dismantling racist systems.

2-Hour Curiosity, Humility, Empathy Training

$2,000 per organization

This 2 hour training expands on the one hour keynote.  In addition to learning about curiosity, humility, and empathy, participants will explore social identities and learn about concepts such as equity. A recording for internal use is included.