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Tiye offers a lot of options for your organization to meet your diversity and inclusion needs. Below is a quick reference guide to the offerings you can choose from.  Please contact for more information and pricing.


Exploring Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Starting at $125/pp Minimum 10

A full day workshop that focuses on basic diversity and inclusion education. This seminar is designed to be flexible as a general training session for organization stakeholders or can be taught as a 'train the trainer' program. 

Online Webinar

Diversity and Inclusion: An Introduction

Between $1,000-$3,000

This short online webinar offers participants a chance to explore their own personal identities and learn the intercultural communication tools of curiosity, humility, and empathy.


The Intercultural Communication Pillars of Curiosity, Humility, and Empathy

Between $750-$1500

This 60 minute keynote uses the power of personal storytelling to take a deep dive into curiosity, humility, and empathy.  Learners will get a full understanding of these communication pillars and how they can be used in real time to handle difficult difference.

A Special Note Regarding COVID-19: As a result of COVID-19, prices for certain training sessions/keynotes have been reduced.  Please contact for more information.

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