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Anyone who looks at the news knows the constant discussion surrounding income inequality in America.  As the saying goes, the rich are getting richer while the poor continue to get poorer.  There is a great deal that can be talked about on this topic, but we thought we'd stick with very general information on the topic. First, you should know the general categories regarding SES in America.  Although there is debate on the exact numbers, here is a basic outline that might be useful.


  1. poverty (below $25K)

  2. lower-middle class ($25K-$39K)

  3. middle class ($40K-$70K)

  4. upper-middle class($71k-$99K)

  5. upper class(above $100k)


Many people believe that with hard work, you can start at poverty and make your way to the top (or at least live comfortably).  Although this does work out for some people, it's not as simple as putting in a hard day's work to live a better life.  For example, many people in this country work 2-3 minimum wage jobs because they are not qualified to work at places which require a bachelor's degree.  It might seem simple to think that the solution is getting an education, however going to college is quite expensive!  If your family cannot afford the out of pocket costs associated with college, you end up back at square one.  This creates a cycle of oppression that keeps poor people in bad situations, and allows those with money to continue to prosper.  Again, many people do start from nothing and make a better life for themselves, but this is not always a guarantee.

Socio-Economic Status

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